Derma rollers cost you anything above 4000 and looks like medial torture, what are they exactly? There are many workshops around the globe processing on the theme of derma rollers and its benefits, what are they exactly and what would it be actually beneficial over skin? We got you this post which will guide you to the role of derma rollers over skin and its advantages. Let’s dig the topic in detail.


What are derma rollers?
This is an instrument which has needles to its top and it gives a feeling of torture to your skin and face. It looks like the procedure would be quite painful, but it is not, unless you do not follow the correct procedure to use the derma rollers. When you role derma rollers over your skin, you can see small fine holes, so that the ingredients gets completely absorbed by the skin and penetrates deep inside.

How does it work?
You have to decide the amount of pressure to apply while rolling the derma rollers over skin. Usually, it should be moved with light pressure because there are spooky needle which gives you small holes over the skin. Derma rollers have been proved all over the world because of its result of giving you brighter and younger skin. Beauticians all over the world are using the derma technology which will help to penetrate the essential vitamin, oxygen or other needed ingredients directly in the skin.

Derma rollers therapy helps to repair the broken skin and also improve the appearance of scars, blemishes and marks on the face. Derma therapy has proved its benefits over skin than rest of the layer treatments and therapies. Being a very small device, they are to be used in home itself where sometime you may run out of risk, how much pressure to be exactly apply and what to do next. Before you take the process to the next step, read the book of direction to use which you usually get at the time of purchase.

How to roll?
If everything is fine including your skin, you are eligible to use the derma rollers at home. You have to run derma rollers in all the direction which covers all your face. Start from right to left and top to bottom rolling around with light pressure. Next move them diagonally over lips and don’t keep the needles to long over your lips. Usually you can continue doing this for 40 minutes, but if you are sensitive to pain you can stop continuing after 15-20 minutes.

If you want to clean your face before you go to an outing, you may do it a night before. After you use derma rollers you skin looks slightly red and swollen. So it is always advised to use this device a day before so that your skin gets some time to calm down.

How to take care?
As the needles get inside your skin and clean them deeply, these are rollers which should be only used by you. Avoid sharing it by anyone. You may even roll it 10 times over your skin, so at least now you can now figure out how dangerous it can be exchanging it with someone else.