Best Skin Brightening Ayurvedic Herbs

We are born with flawless, super soft and glowing skin but as we age, multiple factors like pollution, sun exposure, lack of skin care, dead skin build-up etc. can make your skin dull and take away the natural glow. It is important to maintain what you are born with and change your skin care routines according to individual needs that differs age wise too. Looking for an ayurvedic way to brighten skin, enhance natural complexion and add glow? Below is a list of best skin brightening ayurvedic herbs-

Best Skin Brightening Ayurvedic Herbs


Sandalwood is a well-known beauty ingredient and is used in so many commercial beauty products. It helps reduce pigmentation and sun tan and helps enhance natural skin tone and complexion. Brings back the glow and keeps your skin clear, spotless and healthy. Use sandalwood paste as a face mask or simply mix sandalwood powder with milk to make your homemade skin brightening face mask.


Licorice just like sandalwood is easily available in root or powder form. It has skin brightening and anti-tan properties. It also helps reduce pigmentation gradually, including dull and dark neck and knees. Brightens complexion, fights acne and prevents acne marks too.


Turmeric is called as the king of Ayurveda and has tremendous skin, hair and health benefiting properties. It has healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and brightening effects. Adds a brightened glow to your skin when used regularly. Add turmeric to your homemade facial and body masks. One easy way is too mix 1 teaspoon wild or white turmeric, 2 tablespoons gram flour and enough milk and use as mask.


Saffron is known for its skin brightening and natural complexion enhancing properties which is why it is popularly found in skin brightening and glow adding products. It gives your skin a golden glow and also makes it clear overtime. Add a pinch saffron to any of your facial oil and infuse it for a month and use.


Vetiver, also known as ‘Khus’ is a well-known natural complexion enhancer. It helps you achieve an even skin tone by reducing pigmentation, sun tan and adding brightened glow. You can directly use vetiver hydrosol and also use it as a toner.